Your Colorado Front Range Realtor.


After 24 years as a top real estate agent in Boulder I can’t imagine doing anything else -- and I’m fulfilled within my work and by my clients more than ever. I understand and respect the importance of choosing an agent that you fully trust and align with. I’m committed to advising and representing you with absolute integrity. It's a value that is near and dear to my heart that I share with my community.  

I learned the impact and importance that community can have within your life first hand after losing my son in a tragic accident. The steadfast support of friends and neighbors saw me through a tremendously challenging time, and has inspired me to reach out and bring that gift to others.

The agency that I align myself with is an important aspect of my work. RE/MAX of Boulder is a model agency fully dedicated to customer satisfaction, and I am proud to be a part of it. My success as a professional Realtor has been fueled by my satisfied clients and their referrals. I serve Boulder and the Greater Denver area along the Front Range of Colorado, and I’m here to help make this process effortless, fun and stress-free.

Did I mention I how passionate I am about real estate? Want to talk? Give me a call!

My Professional Commitments:

  • Advocate for, and protect your best interests

  • Anticipate common roadblocks, and support you navigating through them 

  • Negotiate with skill and tact in a competitive market

  • Represent you throughout the entire process absolute integrity

  • Advise and counsel you about the market and all aspects of your transaction

  • Research and verify information about the property

  • Represent your position in an honest and favorable way