August, 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Boulder County is Popular in the News this Month

Real Estate in Boulder County is still as active and busy as ever. See the July Stats below for more details. The Buzz this month highlights a fun feature on the city of Boulder from the Washington Post. Check it out! It's great to see our local city and many of our favorite businesses getting so much attention. This will probably inspire more people to move here...which is great for sellers, but means more competition for buyers. 

Another interesting trend that's affecting our local real estate market is the high number of seniors moving to Colorado. Did you know that this is one of the top places in the country to retire? 

Also, it's that time of year again for back to school...and the good news is, your kids can do their homework on Pearl Street now because Google has brought free WiFi to the pedestrian mall. 

Thanks for being such a wonderful client, and definitely let me know how I can support you with your real estate needs. Read the complete August Buzz here


July, 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Boulder County's Thriving Market and Mid-Year Report

Is it possible the average price of a home is almost $1,250,000.00 in the city of Boulder? Have condos and townhomes really gone up 13.7%+ in the city of Boulder last year? Perhaps…perhaps not.

We're halfway through 2018 already, and the Mid-Year Stats reveal information you don't want to miss!

The Buzz this month also features some tips on what you can do with your real estate equity, as well as an article from RE/MAX of Boulder’s owner discussing the average price of homes in the city of Boulder. What does that mean for the rest of the year? How will the Fall market play out? Only time will tell.

With all the fascinating events happening in our area, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer. And by next month some of us will already be getting ready for Back to School! Read the complete Buzz here. 

June 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Boulder County is Busy and Thriving this Summer

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! The summer heat is here and Boulder County is getting a lot of attention — with a local city (Superior) having scored slots on several “Best Places to Live” lists, and countless fun and creative events happening throughout the summer.  

Check out the article below from BizWest outlining the recent Boulder Economic Summit, and learn how our real estate market is impacted by both housing and transportation issues.  May Stats are in: inventory is fluctuating, and prices are continuing to rise. The Buzz this month explores these topics and more!

Hidden Storage Opportunities in Your Kitchen

Check out this wonderful article from Houzz with many suggestions on how to efficiently store items in your Kitchen! The article begins by reminding readers that "Using all the available space in your kitchen will reduce clutter and improve organization. So whether your kitchen is large or small, these space-saving storage ideas will work wonders. It’s just a matter of standing still and looking closely at what’s in front of you." Read the full article here

May 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Amazing News for RE/MAX of Boulder, and More!

The Boulder real estate market has hit a new milestone with the average sales price of single family homes in the city of Boulder reaching $1,207,403 at the end of March. RE/MAX of Boulder's owner, Jay Kalinski, wrote about this in an article in BizWest this month. And, don't miss the Best of Boulder awards announcing that readers have chosen RE/MAX of Boulder as the #1 real estate agency. What an honor! The Buzz also features some cutting edge redecorating tips so you can enjoy your home more today, andmake it easier to sell down the road. 

I'd also like to wish all our readers who are mothers a belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all are getting out to enjoy the beautiful weather we're having, and the many wonderful events happening in our neighborhoods. Read the entire Buzz Here

April 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Get Outside and Enjoy Beautiful Boulder County

Spring has arrived and brought with it the 2018 First Quarter Stats, as well as some seasonal favorites: the Boulder Farmer’s Market, Kentucky Derby parties, warmer weather, and a spunky real estate market. This month The Buzz includes compelling articles on how to sell your home faster with important staging and photography tips, as well as a great checklist for first time buyers. Also, if you're curious about which direction the median price of homes is going in the area, check out the Quarterly Stats as well as the last article about our local market. Read the entire Buzz HERE

March 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Spring Brings Nicer Weather and More Competition

Spring is here! I heard the robin’s joyous spring song and the drumming of a flicker for the first time this morning. Spring has traditionally been the peak season for real estate sales. What’s interesting is that for the past couple years the buying season actually began in January and continued at a fast pace through the spring. With historically low inventory, homes selling faster than last year, and interest rates on the rise, Boulder County real estate is poised for another record breaking year. Read the March Boulder County Buzz by clicking HERE

February 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Fall in Love with Real Estate

If you're not already in love with real estate, this is the time of year to do so--before Spring begins and the traditionally busy season gets underway. Consider what your plans for the year are and how I can support you in executing them. The Buzz this month highlights important and unique trends in the monthly stats, as well as significant questions like: what will the market do in 2018? A question on many of our minds in the real estate industry. As we know, the market is often changing, and I am here to keep you informed with what is happening throughout the Boulder County area. Read the rest of the Buzz here

January 2018 Boulder County Buzz

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2018!

The New Year has arrived and I'm curious-- what plans do you have for your home in 2018? Are you considering selling your home? Purchasing an investment property? Or possibly remodeling that part of your home that you've always wanted to improve? The Buzz this month has insightful articles featuring some considerable reasons to sell in early 2018. Also, don't miss the year end STATS, including details about your property taxes.  
Let's talk soon about how I can help you buy, sell, or invest in our local market this year. It's best to start early and plan ahead! Read the complete Boulder County Buzz by clicking HERE. 

December Boulder County Buzz

Wishing You a Joyous Holiday and Happy New Year!

During this holiday season, I wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday and Happy New Year. The end of 2017 brings many projections about the 2018 real estate market. Don't miss the article this month that quotes DB Wilson and what he foresees will happen to the market next year. Also, did you know that more people are moving out of Colorado than in recent years? Read what's having people move away as well as great renovation tips that will add value to your home in this month's Buzz. 

I hope you enjoy your time with family and loved ones and I look forward to hearing what you have in mind for your real estate decisions in 2018. I appreciate your continued business and referrals. Happy New Year! Read the full Buzz by clicking here


November Boulder County Buzz

Thanksgiving Wishes for You and Your Family

As one of my favorite Holidays approaches, it’s with warmth and delight that I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving. Autumn is an wonderful time to cozy up around the fireplace or take a hike in the crisp fall air and it’s also a great time to buy a home or investment property. Our local buyer pool has definitely shrunk since springtime, so this might be the best time for you to get out there and see what's on the market - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Jan-Oct 2017 stats show that prices for homes in Boulder County homes are still rising, up a little over 5% compared to last year. Inventory is also up almost 7% which means there’s more to chose from today than earlier in the year. This is a good time be out house-hunting since there’s more to chose from plus less competition.

Another great Buzz article this month calls out one of the best promotions Boulder County could ask for… it lists the 25 Happiest Places to Live in America. Can you guess what place Boulder got? Read below to find out!

As always, I'm here and ready to counsel you on your real estate contemplations. I thank you so much for your continued business and referrals. It is because of you that I get to have a job that I love.  Read the full Boulder County Buzz by clicking here

October Boulder County Buzz

A Third Quarter Sure to Warm the Hearts of Autumnal Investors

If you were thinking fall isn't the ideal time to invest in real estate, newly published data on Boulder County's market performance in the third quarter is here to make you think again! First off, there's a good bit more to look at out there than there was over the summer. And with homes hanging around on the sale market a little longer, asking prices are starting to flatten out. Buyers are finding themselves in the win-win position of having more time to find exactly the right place, and more negotiating leverage with sellers once they do. All of which spells "sweet spot" for any would-be buyer or investor. Check out the new issue of The Buzz to get the scoop on these positive trends. We also explore recent word that Amazon may be seriously swooning for Denver as the site of a huge new jobs-producing venture! Read the full Buzz by clicking here