August Boulder County Buzz

August Means Back to School in Boulder County

Back to school for the kiddos and back to business after a fun-filled summer. The market is definitely interesting right now. Inventory is up and homes are staying on the market a little longer before an offer arrives. Demand has decreased as fewer buyers are searching this time of year. This shift seems completely normal, and I'm curious about what will happen over the next few months. It's actually great news for buyers because things aren't quite as competitive as they were in the spring, and you have a greater chance of getting the home you want without being outbid. Check out the articles in The Buzz this month that feature info about the oh-so-desirable Luxury Home Market. Oh, and don't miss the article that claims there are other cities comparable to Boulder for outdoor fanatics. Many of them seem like a long shot to me, but I'm a Boulder fan through and through. Read the full Boulder County Buzz by clicking here